Adaptive Yoga Free for Veterans at Yoga V

Thu, November 8, 2018
The adaptive yoga class is specifically designed for, but not limited to people with mobility limitations/disabilities such as paralysis, amputations, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, brain injuries or those who have been living a predominately sedentary lifestyle. If mainstream yoga feels like it doesn’t suit you, then an adaptive yoga class is where you can find a safe space to practice. With a focus on breath work, students
Led by Goose Cameron & Julie Mauch
are guided through a series of movements and postures which enhance mobility, flexibility and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness. Students’ individual bodies are taken into consideration making the practice accessible to all. Classes are
designed to help students notice what they CAN accomplish and live to their fullest potential.


To participate in this class, Veterans must first
stop by the Veterans Art Center ( 307 S. 12th Street, Grand Junction ) with proof of military service and let them know you would like to sign up for the veterans yoga program at yoga V.

Rental mats are limited so if you have a mat please bring it;all other equipment is provided by the studio.