Tue, December 25, 2018

Our Annual Christmas Celebration
December 25th
If you would like to join us for our annual Christmas Day dinner and festivities you are welcome to sign up and let us know you are coming.
Dinner will be served around 2 pm and is being graciously prepared and served by Ann and Kristian Hartter and family. If anyone would like to donate towards the meal please let us know what you will be bringing (desserts, side-dishes, salads, condiments) so we can plan accordingly.

Activities start early and we will have games, socializing, movies or whatever we choose to do starting at 9 am Christmas Day once the turkeys are in the roaster. Some of us will spend the night Christmas Eve for a game night and movie marathon.

Santa is also attending Christmas Day and will be visiting with kids of all ages following his long night of deliveries. He said he's looking forward to spending time with us at the Veterans Art Center.

We will have a gift exchange and presents under the tree so we ask everyone who registers to please bring a present for the exchange. This can be something you made, something re-gifted or something you purchased for the occasion.

Our Christmas Day festivities are offered to provide Veterans and Family members a place to be and people to be with on Christmas Day. Please share this with others you know who would benefit from this and be sure and tell them they need to register in advance.
Click the link in the email or register online at
You can also call or drop by the Veterans Art Center to register if you have no access to a computer. The deadline to register is Dec 22nd at 6 pm.