Eclectic Themes by Bob Tallarico

Sat, May 7, 2016

Opening Reception - Refreshments
Open to the Public
Meet the Artist - Robert A. (Bob) Tallarico
USMC 1953-1956

Bob's interest in Art began in high school as a member of the school art staff which produced a school newspaper, posters, and backdrops for school plays. An early effort at employment at age 16 was thwarted when he applied at a commercial art studio but was too young for professional employment. Math and science soon dominated his interests and led to a career in engineering after serving in the Marine Corps in Korea.

Now as a retired professional structural engineer, having designed many building and bridge structures in the Rocky Mountain Region, and in an effort to satisfy his immigrant mother's Italian ethic to "work until you die," he once again is able to pursue his interest in art as well as writing.

His early works can be found on his website

His solo exhibition "Ecletic Themes" includes paintings, photography and 2 books. The exhibition will be on display until May 28th.