Holistic Journaling

Mon, June 29, 2015

Write to Heal
Every Monday at 1:30pm we will be working with anyone who is interested in dealing with stress in their life using writing and guided imagery. This is a 7-week class, however you can start at any time. The class rotates through seven lessons then starts another rotation, so if you miss a class you can make it up when it comes back around.

Learn about how holistic journaling and guided imagery work — how they can uplift your energy, clears emotional blockages and changes your brain, allowing for old patterns to be broken. Inspire clarity and awareness through journaling for ultimate healing and transformation with specific writing tools and techniques that can improve your health and memory, and help you let go of limiting past experiences to create space for more harmony and freedom in your daily life.

Group size for programs is limited to 8, so please RSVP Today! Free to veterans and military family members - all others are asked to donate to the Veteran's Art Center.

Please bring your journal and a pen. Handouts will be furnished.