Art is My Way of Life

After graduating from high school, I was introduced to Art by a friend, who just received a Bachelor Degree in Art

We visited the many museums of New York City, Philadelphia, PA and The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Not to mention a seemingly endless amount of galleries. I was also thrown into a short and intense course in Modern Painting. My beginning lessons in Art History had started.

This was to become the beginning of my Art career and the start of my, seemingly endless, traveling adventures.

I was off to the University of Idaho in Pocatello to study art, and see the work. After taking two classes I came to realize I needed a job to support this new and exciting direction. Off into the wild blue yonder I went, to seek fame and fortune. The Air Force was my ticket. The country was at war, in need of able men, and I needed the GI Bill.

Armed with an honorable discharge, the GI Bill, some cash and a desire to see more of the world I attended multiple community colleges part-time in Southern California, studying Printmaking, Art History, Pottery, and Figure Drawing. Quickly falling in love with the beaches, I ended up in Morro Bay, California. I attended Questa College full-time and graduated on the Dean’s List with a degree in 2-Dimentional Art. Now I could take on the world.

During that time, I also had a chance to live in England for two years doing private study. Throw in a two-week trip to Amsterdam, to see the Van Gogh Museum, among others.

Forty-six years of exploring painting, art galleries and museums. After crossing half the world and the gifted paths of a great variety of artists, actors and musicians, in my pursuit of Art and Adventure it is about time that I share my painting experiences. Forty-six years of many styles. These are some of my beach and water world experiences.

I hope you enjoy my images and it reminds you of some of your own adventures.

john kapral 5x7