Turquoise and Iris


Army 1970-1974

Larry Stivers studied art for five years at Lewis and Clark Junior, Alton, IL, SIU Edwardsville, IL.  He was also a Combat Illustrator for three years in the US Army. “I enjoy impressionism. I like to paint in bright colors, to express how I see the South Western Landscape.  I take a lot of pictures in my mind of actual landscapes and then paint the pictures in my mind before actually starting to transfer it on the canvas.”  Larry is also a retired firefighter, and has pastored in the Church of the Nazarene for fifteen years.  Larry encourages others to ‘paint their feelings, use art as a way to express yourself and to use it as a means of release, to serve others’. 

Larry enjoys the Dutch and French impressionists.  The painting “Through the Looking Glass” was the first painting he did in recovery. He sought out imagery to paint and decided that if he wanted to heal, he would need to use bright colors. It was a struggle but it worked for him.

Larry also crafts his own custom frames to compliment his paintings. His original paintings and/or prints are available custom framed or unframed. Many of his pieces are on display and available for sale at the Veterans Art Center.

If you are interested in any of the paintings in the exhibition contact us for more information, size and pricing at the Veterans Art Center.