Side Step by Brenda Paulson

Mon, March 7, 2016

I think I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon! My serious art career was by all intents and purposes a twist of fate. I was asked by my boss at the time if I could make something look like a finish, I think it was wood and I replied sure. That answer led to a 15 year career and business in Telluride named "Moondance Designs" as an interior decorative painter.

During that time I was heavily involved with the first incarnation of the Telluride Repertory Theater Company and completed the finishes on most of the sets for their shows.

After leaving the area I began working in fine art finding my voice and story,,,enjoying the journey, I hope you do too!

Artist Statement
Like many veterans I have PTSD, Mine is from Military Sexual Trauma notated by the military as MSTPTSD - They do like initials for everything!).

Art for me is a way to rediscover and to express visually emotions that are difficult to express any other way. Through art I have been able to find the humor, beauty mysticism - also the pain sorrow and injustice I feel and in the world around me. Art has given me a direction so needed in my life. It has place itself throughout my life as the anchor that has held me through time of great joy and angst. I am thankful I have had such an anchor.