Veterans Yoga @ Yoga V

Thu, July 12, 2018
This is a beginner level yoga practice taught specifically for veterans. So many veterans suffer from chronic pain, nervous system damage, anxiety, depression, physical injuries, PTSD and more. This yoga class will introduce yoga to those that have never tried, and bring those that have back to their mats in a new way.

This class is lead by a military veteran who found yoga during her own rehabilitation. The class focus' on breath and connecting to your body. The instructor uses successful practices to help bring awareness to the body and its habits, calmness in the mind, nervous system stimulation and healing and more. The bonus of this class is it helps with flexibility, strength, social integration and calls on the comradery that will always reside in the hearts of veterans.

Come share a safe space and let your mind and body connect and release.


To participate in this class, students must first
stop by the Veterans Art Center ( 307 S. 12th Street, Grand Junction ) with proof of military service and let them know you would like to sign up for the veterans yoga program at yoga V.

Rental mats are limited so if you have a mat please bring it;all other equipment is provided by the studio.