Wilderness Landscapes : Pen and Paint

Mon, November 2, 2015

November Exhibit - Art Blom Air Force 1965-1969
Art Blom, born and raised in Idaho, received a BFA from Boise State College, and an MFA from Ohio State University in Columbus majoring in sculpture and drawing. Upon graduation he became an assistant professor and head of sculpture program at Grand Valley State College in Michigan. When he returned to the west he felt at home again, where the land’s beauty has since been the inspiration for his art. For many years he worked in the outdoors sketching and enjoying what he so enjoyed. He now lives with his family in Grand Junction on the western slope of Colorado.
Art’s creative tendencies now come to life in painting and sketching, yet these 2-D formats reflect his sculptural influences and training. This is quite noticeable in his painting as he delights in the smooth butter-like consistency of oil paint which he skillfully applies with a single pallet knife. This offers unique, active, and vibrant surfaces where one feels a connection with fluid color and texture. When his paintings are viewed as a whole, his free and delightful painting technique invites his viewer to take a visual stroll within aesthetic happenings of nature.
This carefree approach to making art is also very noticeable when viewing one of Art’s quick and exciting sketches. Lines seem to swim together upon the paper to gift the viewer’s eye with a rare and masterful expression of natural delights.